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We offer a laid back sponsorship and we promise you'll love our gear!

Sponsorship Program Details

It is FREE to apply, the requirements are only required to be completed once/if we decide you are a good fit to our Team and you are approved!



-You add @wickedlyboosted & #wickedlyboosted to your posts and add us to your bio. (If you have Instagram, if not, Spread the word any way you can!)

-Subscribe to our website 

-Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (If you have social media)

-Buy a $28 box of our Boosted gear that is valued over $40 (your choice of a

t-shirt or hat, 1 banner decal and (2) 1x7” decals). Must buy the package so you have gear to represent! (You can add more to your box, any extra items will be discounted 30%). The box isn’t available on the website as a "box" because you must you apply and get accepted first! (If you get accepted, we will send an approval letter with steps on how to order the box)


-You will get a code for 25% off all our products anytime! (Your code will be in the approval letter)

-Offer anybody you know 10% off and you can add this to your page if you’d like!

(we can make you a custom code if you'd like!)

-Get access to our exclusive Team Gear and page only available to our sponsored cars on the Team

-Every time a new decal is released we will ship out a handful to random sponsored cars

- Have a chance at being our Monthly feature and getting your car and bio of your build on our homepage 

-Exposure: Your car will be randomly featured on our social media pages

-Be a part of the Wickedly Boosted Brand

Thank you for your interest in our Sponsorship Program! This sponsorship is for those who Like our gear, want to rep it and join our community. We understand its not for everyone, we designed it specifically like this to gather the right people who really love our gear and are passionate about what we are doing and want to join our community! If you like our products but not our sponsorship program, feel free to use code 'WICKED15' for 15% off and go grab some gear you want! If this is something you would be interested in than please fill out the form below to apply! We hope to hear you from soon! Contact us with any questions! Apply now below!



Jake – Owner of Wickedly Boosted LLC

(Disclaimer: We can take away any benefits at any time for any reason if we decide it is necessary, although we have no intentions too.)


We will review and email you back the results within 48 hours. If you do not see an email within 48 hours,

please check your spam and junk folders for it, if you still can not find the email please contact us!

We do our best to review and respond to your application within 48 hours.

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