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Join the fast growing Wickedly Boosted Team!

Rep your Passion in Style

Sponsorship Program Details

It is FREE to apply, the requirements are only required to be completed once/if we decide you are a good fit to our Team and you are approved!



-25% off ALL our products anytime

-Earn 10% Commission for sales through your custom 10% off code you can offer to followers for friends

-Get access to our exclusive Team Gear and page only available to our sponsored cars on the Team

-Free stickers with any future orders 

- Have a chance at being our Monthly feature and getting your car and bio of your build on our homepage 

-Exposure: Your car will be randomly featured on our social media pages

-Be a part of the Wickedly Boosted Brand


Once your application is approved, you will be required to do these 3 steps to finalize the sponsorship...


.-Add @wickedlyboosted & #wickedlyboosted to your posts and add us to your bio. (If you have social media)

-Order the $30 Sponsorship box so you can properly rep the Brand and advertise to gain commission. You will receive 30% off your entire order.

- Join our website email newsletter (we send out special offers/new product alerts/etc)

Thank you for your interest in our Sponsorship Program! We are looking for the right people to represent our Brand. We hope to hear from you soon! 



Jake – Owner of Wickedly Boosted LLC

(Disclaimer: We can take away any benefits at any time for any reason if we decide it is necessary, although we have no intentions too.)

We will review and text/email you back the results within 48 hours.
If you provide a phone number, that is how we will contact you with the results.
If you prefer email, leave phone number blank.
If you do not see a text/mail within 48 hours,

 please contact us!

Sponsorship Application

To apply please take the time to fill out the information below.

If you have any questions or unable to send in the application, please text us at 763-600-1811. We are here to help!

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