Sponsorship Commission FAQS & Info

We want to start off by saying thank you for representing Wickedly Boosted. It truly means a lot as we only accept about 30% of applicants so we believe you will be a good fit to our Team. 

As you know, one benefit is our Earn Commission Program! 

We hope this is a good perk for you as you help spread the word about the Brand for us as we all build a great community together through a Brand. 

You can Create a custom code and track your sales in the affiliate dashboard using the button "Sign In" Below!

Terms & Conditions:

-All Sponsorship Approval requirement steps MUST be completed to be eligible to earn commission.

-Commission will be paid out in $25 increments ($250 of sales through your code) via PayPal. 

-Orders by the affiliate themselves cannot gain commission using their own referral link/code.      Commission from that individual sale will be rejected.

-Commission Program can be denied and/or terminated at any time if we feel necessary. If we terminate your sponsorship due to negative behavior, inactivity or other reasons we deem reasonable, your commission program will be terminated and active commission will be forfeited.