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E46 Turbo Build

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Here it is! The new project we plan to turn into a track car!

Should we turbo the 3.0l or LS swap it?

Hey everyone! So as many of you have been guessing and wondering what our project car is that we picked up, here it is! We have always loved and wanted a BMW E46 and the time has come that we could grab one to build. This is a project so it needs some work and a little TLC but hey, thats the fun part right?

Onto the details, we've been looking for a while and as you know, we are in Minnesota so rust is a real issue here...

After a few weeks of looking we found rust free 2001 330ci which is exactly what we were looking for, sorta. E46, good. Rust free, good. Coupe, good. RWD, good (track car). 3.0l, good. Interior, not good... Body panels, ok...

So the car is what we were looking for, for the most part but it does have some dings, dents and scratches which we are fine with since its rust free and a project.

We plan to do a new carbon fiber hood and trunk, M3 front bumper with a splitter, new wheels and lowered on coils. Maybe widebody?? Interior we REALLY want to find a full black interior for sale and swap it out for our not so good looking grey and wood combo interior. Once we find the black interior and get it swapped, we will finish it off with some racing seats, new steering wheel and some small custom touches.

BUT first comes some good ole maintenance. It has a 185k miles so you can bet your ass it needs some some maintenance and quarks worked out. After picking up the car we found some small things driving it back. First thing is one headlight needs a good slap every so often to come on so we need to tear it down and find the bad wire. Next is the wipers... Of course its raining when we went to go pick it up so we flip on the wipers so find out they are shot and just smear BUT to top it off, they stop where ever the hell they want. We get the car back and jack it up to start checking it over and see how the suspension is, get to the back tire and its LOOSE. Yup, loose. Literally not seated on the hub and can shake it. All the lugs were loose to the finger touch... No idea how we made it home like that but glad we did an overall check before taking it back out the next day.

Last but not least on the maintenance checklist is fluid flushes and probably some new gaskets here and there.

NOW the FUN stuff!

So once we take car of all the maintenance, the fun begins. We plan to turn it into a track car, not 100% sure what exactly yet (Auto-x, Road Course or Drift?). So we are going to turbo the 3.0l motor in it (Yes, with supporting mods) and run that motor on a low boost safe tune till it goes (Hopefully lasts a season or two). Than we have a LS we plan to throw in it and turbo that for a second bigger project once the 3.0l goes!

More ideas and plans for the car will arise but thats the gist of it so far!

It will definitely take some time and the challenger build will be put on the back burner while we build the E46! This is our first BMW and we can't wait to start tearing it apart and than takin it to the track!

Auto-X? Road Course? Street Machine? Drift missile?

What should we do?!

If you want to keep up with the build, we will be blogging about it here along with blogging and posting more pictures on instagram @Jake_wickedlyboosted. We will post some stuff on our main Instagram as well @wickedlyboosted.

What project car are you building right now?

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