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E46 Track Car Project - Mishimoto Radiator

Hey Everyone! We had some Over heating issues and Cab heat issues, Check out what happened and what we upgraded, replaced and find some humor in our misery!

We know some of you have been following our E46 Track car project on IG and some of you have been asking about it so heres a little update!

We had some over heating problems a while back where we replaced the radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses and expansion tank. That solved our overheating issue, how ever we still had now heat in the cab of the car...

SO we dove back into the cooling system and drained the radiator to replace the Heater control valve (thinking maybe that was stuck closed and thats why we weren't getting heat in the cab). Replaced it, went to fill the coolant system back up and than it leaked from the radiator drain plug (POOR Design). So now our 1 week old radiator is leaking...

Pull it all back apart to replace the radiator with another stock one, put it all back together and LEAKS from the same spot... 2 radiators in a row. REAL poor design.

So we ended up ordering a Mishimoto radiator since we plan to track the car anyway we figured it wouldn't hurt putting a full aluminum radiator in since E46s are known for overheating problems.

The mishimoto radiator came in and we put in the THIRD radiator in a week and fit perfect and didnt leak. PERFECT.

Now, remember the heater control valve we replaced so hopefully get heat in the cab?

well with the new radiator in and not leaking, we finally got to test the cab heat to see if the new valve was the issue.

Of course, it wasn't. Still no heat. We live in Minnesota, We NEED heat.

Keep in mind, This radiator we just replaced twice now was a brand new radiator and is a SIDE effect from just unscrewing the drain plug to do the control valve.

Aren't drain plugs meant to come out to drain the fluid?! Found out from a few people its a common issue and just should drain from a hose instead. Lesson learned.

Last thing and ONLY thing we haven't replaced in the entire coolant system was the heater core.

So we tore the dash apart and got to the heater core to find out it was COMPLETELY plugged.

Got the new one in and everything buttoned up and after a few weekends in a row of messing with this cooling system we have heat!

Once we get all this maintenance under control, the fun upgrades will begin!

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