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What was the first car that got you hooked?

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

What was the first car you OWNED that got you hooked on the car obsession?

Here I explain mine

Did I get my first "fun" car from my grandma?!

Before I go into the story on my first car that got me FULLY committed to the car life, lets rewind a little. I have been into cars since I can remember, growing up playing with hot wheels everyday and hanging out in the garage with my dad while he worked on his 77' Camaro he stuffed a 500ci motor in (He was a mechanic and always had projects). Cars have always been apart of my life and a huge interest.

Now, Fast forward to the age of 15 and I was planning on getting my first car soon and decking it out just like the movie I watched every other day. Take a guess on what movie... Yup, the original fast and the furious. I got my permit and my dad got me a 94' grand am coupe and man did I think that thing was sweet! Unfortunately (and fortunately) it blew up in about 3 months.

So now is where the magic happens and the obsession begins.

My grandma had a red 1998 Mustang GT she bought brand new, 4.6L V8 with a 5 Speed.

I drooled over it every time she came over. I just turned 16 and she was over for a family get together and man I wanted that car so jokingly (Kinda) I slapped the roofed of it and asked her "When you selling this thing to me?" and she instantly said "You get a job and its yours."

BOOM. That second I went and started applying for any job in the area.

The next day I got a call and interview for pushing carts at cub foods for 6 hours a day after school. Yup, took the job that week and called my grandma instantly to work out the deal.

From there, it was game over. Id be forever addicted to the car game.

A week or two later she came over to drop off the keys! Well not quite, she actually had to teach me how to drive a 5 speed first. So off we went, she explained it a little and showed me a couple take offs in first and than showed me "how to do a burn out" (she wasn't very good but hey, she tried). After killing it a few times and squeaking the tires a few more times, I got the hang of it and never wanted an automatic again.

The car was my pride and joy.

I washed it 10x more than it needed and all my money went into insurance and gas but I was happy. Any extra I had I bought parts, stickers or anything car related. First "Big" thing I did was exhaust, Straight pipe with SLP Loudmouth resonators and it sounded mean. Next up a simple BBK cold air intake which I installed myself (First install on my own) which got me hook on "wrenching" on cars. The next mod was my first rookie mistake....

I ordered a "Chip" that you just plugged in and gained 50hp... Yes, looking back I wonder how I fell for it but I did. It did actually come in the mail but when I opened the box, I realized it felt kinda "Chinsy" and had a bad feeling (the "chip" was a black plastic box with a knob on top and wires coming out both ends) so I cracked open the plastic box to find just a wire going straight through and no "Chip" inside. First (and last) time getting rooked.

I had the car for 2 years, going downtown street racing, going to shows and keeping it as clean as I possible could. When I graduated high school, I took my grad money and bought 20" wheels and tires for it. (Not my style now but I was pumped back than)

This car is what started the TRUE obsession of cars for me.

What car got you started?

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