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Wickedly Boosted, born in 2017 is a Car Culture Apparel brand for the enthusiast that loves boost. 

Wickedly Boosted is owned and operated 100% by car enthusiasts who live and breath for cars and being at the track, shows or in the garage wrenching on cars.

We are committed to bringing the softest blend of materials with casual designed apparel to the car community with a little boost in mind.

Our aim is to make our audiences passion for cars something much bigger by building a community around each other through a brand. 

Our mission is to bring a new style of apparel to the car community that hasn't been seen before. 

High Quality with the perfect blend of materials for soft, breathable and comfortable fit.

All our designs are based on a Minimalist to rep your passion subtly.


-About to the owner and how Wickedly Boosted got started-

Hey everyone, I’m Jake, Founder of Wickedly Boosted LLC.  In April of 2017 I had an idea to combine my passion for cars and graphic designing to launch a car enthusiast brand unlike any other. An apparel brand based on the enthusiast that loves boost and combine that with an extremely soft and high quality apparel with casual designs. Why? Because I've always loved cars and been in the scene but I've never been able to find apparel that appeals to me (generally a rough tee with a big colorful design heat pressed on) and I figured I wasn't alone. SO I went home to tell my wife about my idea. Well she laughed... BUT than told me to get to it if I really wanted to (She laughed but than supported 2 minutes later!). I did just that, I started planning, designing and getting it all going with an ultimate goal of building a great community while offering the comfiest tees all with casual designs you can wear anywhere while repping your passion!

About a year in I picked up a camera to get some photos to post and take photos of the apparel I was now offering which than led to my new passion for photography in the automotive world so I decided to add automotive photography as a service!


My goal is to:

-Offer the highest quality products at an affordable price

-Build a great community people can share their passion and ideas 

-Meet as many people as possible and see their builds!

Contact Us with any questions or concerns!

Thanks! Message sent.

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